The van life for me was always more of an unrealistic dream than a possible reality. I was one of those content people with a stable job who placed their dreams in the “wouldn’t it be cool to…” category, so I never took real action to live out my true goals.
I had been looking into buying a Sprinter or Pro Master van for years until I received a call from my friend, Sean. He knew I was looking for a van to build out and this Silver E-350 Beauty arrived at his shop, and its owner was looking to sell it. A few days later I was unexpectedly let go from my “stable” job, and as any climber would do, I headed up to Yosemite Valley to climb for a couple of weeks to clear my head. Time spent in nature doing what I love is when I am at my best. I was repeatedly asking myself, “what is great about this situation?” I now have TIME and the ability to design the life I want to live. So that was it, I knew exactly what I needed to do. The van came into my life at the perfect time, so I bought it. It honestly was a sign. Up until that point, I was scared to make the van life commitment as many people are. In a way, the life of my dreams forced itself upon me by ripping off the band-aid of stability and exposing me to a life of freedom. My love for the mountains and the ocean is why I chose to live in Southern California. The van life allows me to have my own place on the ocean, in the desert, or in the mountains. There’s nothing better than waking up in your favorite places on earth.
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Vanlife Magazine-Vanlife stories by vanlifers


Vanlife Magazine-Vanlife stories by vanlifers



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