Traveling by car, and spending the day in glorious scenery but then having to rush back to motels and services every evening back in towns got old quickly for us, especially when the most enjoyable times in the wilderness are often the early mornings and evenings spent around the fire.

Road For Greta

Road For Greta Ana and Marco Traveling with Greta since 2009 "We roll along at 90-100km/h, so everything goes by very slowly. We get used to it and simply enjoy it because it gets transmitted to everything we do during the trip." We are Ana and Marco, a Spanish...

Windows On The World

Vanlife Camping in the Canadian Rockie Mountains
One evening next to Yosemite NP, in the middle of the forest, we had the visit of a wolf who came to turn around our camp just after we entered the van for the night. A sublime experience, with only our campfire light reflecting in his eyes.

Living the Life that Makes Us Happy

Road trip in Sprinter Van, vanlife to the fullest
“We now choose collecting experiences and memories over collecting things. We feel like we are living each and every day to its fullest with no regrets, other than wishing we had done all this a decade earlier.” Bryan, Jen, and Karma the Wonderdog are on the road since 2012. A difficult choice and a life-changing experience.

Non-Stop Travelling

Two young people on a vanlife road trip, stay near a bonfire and a van, in a camp, surrounded by mountains.
"We’ve managed to travel for a long period of time without working much, and that’s promising." Lauren and Craig are on the road since 2008. Amazing adventures and experiences in 53 countries.


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