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This week’s destination is San Sebastiàn, in Spanish, or Donostia, in Basque. Situated at only 12 miles from the French border, this is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain. Together with Ilaria Troisi and Devid de Palma, aboard of their VW van, skateboards and surfboards, we discover this beautiful Spanish region.

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Dean Wilson

Traveling in a van allows me to chose what and when happens, eat healthily and enjoy the moment as opposed to the control of work! There's nothing better than waking up and deciding there and then what to do, where to go or not.
Vanlife Magazine-Vanlife stories by vanlifers


Now that our daughter is here our decision to live in a van feels even more right. With ten months old she lived more than half her life in a van. And we feel she loves it.
Vanlife Magazine-Vanlife stories by vanlifers


We love to breathe the salty air at the ocean. Most times we’re traveling in Northern Europe, but just now we have been traveling through Southern Europe for six weeks.
Vanlife Magazine-Vanlife stories by vanlifers


The bravest & also the hardest decision in our life was to actually listen to our heart & do what we want to do, do what we love. It took us quite a time, 2 years to be exact, to really go for it! AND, if we could do it, everyone else can!

Start to Finish Conversion

Introducing Admo

Sarah and James worked 23 days to convert their VW T5 in a cosy campervan. Over 200 hours of work and 49933 timelapse images taken to create this stunning 4K timelapse video.

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